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Matthew Kline, The Founder

Matthew Kline, The Founder


Now Embodied Sound Studio is a place dedicated to enhancing the personal and musical success of every individual. A variety of events are available to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Opportunities include private piano lessons, Eurythmicsâ„¢ and rhythm based events and singing bowl enhanced mindfulness training. 


Private Piano

Learn the art of playing piano through private instruction. Students use creativity, problem-solving and listening skills to become better thinkers through the art of studying the piano.



Rhythm Experience

Making music and performing with others is not limited to those who have studied for many years and have achieved skill and mastery. Anyone can connect with others through the interlocking rhythms and tones present in a community drum circle.


Enhance Being

Enhance your ability to focus, relax and remain present. A Somatic Sound Bath is a unique and powerful 90 minute experience, combining restorative yoga asana, vocal toning and sound bath.

Sounds produced by singing bowls, the voice along with other instruments become tools for weaving a tapestry that yolks the mind to the body and individual to the collective.

The therapeutic sound practitioner creates an immersive soundscape that deepens relaxation and fosters awareness.


Begin Your Journey

Start on your journey towards a better life through
rhythm, motion and joy.