“Mathew has a kind and gentle presence. I liked the interaction with other classmates and passing on positive intentions through sound to each other.”

–Yoga Teacher from Olympia Washington

“Our son has been studying under Matthew for 4 years. He is a great pianist and a dynamic, engaging, experienced teacher who is committed to his student’s excellence. He makes lessons both interesting and fun for his students using a variety of techniques. He may have a student get up and dance to learn particular rhythms or have the student sing the melody so they can literally feel the music flowing through their body. He’s at once strict and patient, disciplined and flexible, tailoring his lessons to each student’s personality and needs. Our son can go this far on piano and take great pride in it only because of Matthew’s outstanding teaching and remarkable musicianship.”

–Ling Shiao

“Mr. Kline has a wonderful way of engaging our young son to spark his interest in piano, music, patterns, and rhythm. Mr. Kline’s methods have taught our son the fundamentals of piano, but also provided a wider knowledge and enjoyment of music.”

–Nicole Kamprath

The mindfulness sampler that Kline constructed for my college age sons was a perfect primer for meditative practice. He created a toolkit from which they can draw as they begin the rhythm of adult life. Kline introduced a variety of traditional and modern practices-from grateful and mindful eating, meditative walking, yoga for athletes, and healing sound. I am delighted that they have been given a tonic for the intense pressure of achievement.

–Lynn Rushton

“It felt like Matthew was a ‘sound shaman’”


As a retired teacher, I am well aware of the need to publicly recognize talented teaching. On March 14, I was volunteering at the Carnegie Center for the Arts in Three Rivers. I watched a young man teaching music to a class of young students … from Nottawa Elementary School…. He was desmonstrating varius tempos and musical terms to the class on the center’s piano. Toward the end of the session he had each of the children make up their own melody to his bass.

It was fascinating. The children were entranced with the young man. Watch for the name: Matthew Kline of Portage, Michigan. I hope Nottawa realizes how lucky they are to have his services.

–Marie F. Schneider, Three Rivers, MI