By bringing his expertise in building communities through outstanding musicianship, Matthew Kline founded "Music Lab Dallas" in 2016, now known as "Now Embodied Sound Studio.”

He honed his skills during his 15 years as Senior Lecturer in Piano Pedagogy, and Executive Director of the Piano Preparatory Department at SMU.

At age seven, Matthew studying piano with his mother. At age 16 he studied with David Pocock at Western Michigan University, thus undertaking a more formal study.

Matthew C. Kline, MSW, MM, NCTM

Matthew C. Kline, MSW, MM, NCTM


Matthew’s pursuit of excellence has earned him a reputation around the US as an outstanding music educator who strives to meet the personal and musical needs of his students.

His students consistently receive marks of First Class with Honors in the Music Development Program Examinations, while select pupils have even been chosen to perform in the Van Cliburn International Competition for Outstanding Amateurs; as well as the Chicago International Competition for Outstanding Amateur Pianists.

Despite the value of these successes and achievements, Matthew's satisfaction comes from bringing people together through rhythm, motion, and joy.


He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hope College with majors in piano performance and psychology. While at Hope College, Matthew studied piano with Joan Conway, Jaques-Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Charles Aschbrenner.

In 1997 Matthew began his Master of Music degree at Southern Methodist University where he studied piano under Alfred Mouledous and Piano Pedagogy under Dr. Sam Holland, the current dean of the Meadows School of the Arts.

Upon completing his Master of Music degree, Mr. Kline returned to Western Michigan University where he completed his Master of Social Work Degree. As a Social Worker, Matthew built communities and served as an advocate in hospice care, public school systems and distributing emergency financial assistance through government agencies.

Photos by Andy Rees & Eunice Crespo